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K9 Pop-up Vintage Studio Booking Form

Special offer for this first workshop is £99.

When I receive your booking, I will contact you to confirm your requested timeslot (or offer another if not available).

Payment can be made by PayPal to ckcaptured@gmail.com or I can give bank transfer details.

I can reserve a place temporarily but, to secure a booking, payment is needed
(if you want a specific slot please wait until you have confirmation before paying)

If you don't have a preference, feel free to select more than one and we will confirm an available slot from those chosen.
If you want a specific slot, please wait until we have confirmed it before paying.

10.00 am
10.30 am
11.00 am
11.30 am
12.00 pm
12.30 pm
1.00 pm
1.30 pm
2.00 pm
2.30 pm
3.00 pm
3.30 pm


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